Troax Caelum mesh partitioning systems

A mesh or panel partitioning system designed for sub-dividing storage areas and segregating equipment.

Oracle Storage Systems delivers a wide range of high-end safety and security solutions throughout the U.K.

Oracle uses the Troax mesh partitioning system, which is a tried and tested partition system. Troax systems are divided into three market segments: the Automation and Robotics industry, Material Handling and Logistics, and Storage and Property Protection.

Mesh Partitioning

Caelum – Storage and Industrial Wall Partitioning System

The Caelum storage and industrial wall partitioning system is a very cost-effective modular mesh panel system, which can be customised to fit to your specific requirements. All our systems have a quality guarantee and are available in varying security levels. Panels are easy to assemble on-site, resulting in optimized storage areas.

Troax Caelum provides a fully adaptable storage solution that fits all your storage requirements.

Standard components and a wide range of standard panel dimensions help us to provide tailor-made storage solutions of the highest quality. The benefits of mesh partitioning are widespread - mesh partitioning allows natural light to filter through and facilitates sprinkler systems to aid in fire safety.

CAELUM Standard Panels kept in stock (HxW) mm:
Panel 2200mm x 200mm
Panel 2200mm x 300mm
Panel 2200mm x 700mm
Panel 2200mm x 800mm
Panel 2200mm x 1000mm
Panel 2200mm x 1200mm
Panel 2200mm x 1500mm

3000mm high mesh panels are also kept in stock..

Doors available in UX 450 execution in various combinations; swing doors, sliding doors, different lock options etc.

Technical info UX 450:
Frame: 30mm x 20mm x 1.25 mm tubular 
Wire: 3mm x 3.75 mm
Mesh size: 50mm x 50 mm & 25mm x 25mm
Finish: Powder paint, Grey RAL 7037
Also available in hot-dip galvanized finish

Technical info UR 350:
 19mm x 19mm x 1 mm tubular
Wire: 2.5mm x 2.5 mm
Mesh size: 50mm x 50 mm or 25mm x 25mm
Finish: Powder paint, Grey RAL 7037
Also available in hot-dip galvanized finish



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