Machine guards partitioning is designed to fulfil all the demands put on a functional machine guard.

X-Guard® is a machine guard that complies with the Machine Directive’s new demands on permanent guards.

Oracle's Axelent X-Guard® is a completely new range of machine guard that complies with the Machine Directive’s new demands on permanent guards.


Oracle's Axelent machine guards are designed to fulfill all the demands put on a functional machine guard.

Functional and smart

In addition to safety, it is vital that our products work as smoothly as possible. Our machine guards have many smart solutions to facilitate the flows in and around the machines that require this type of protection.

Our machine guards are built around a standard design with regard to panels, posts, accessories and colour. This makes it easier for you to complement existing guards if required.

X-Guard® machine guards are available in mesh panel sections or sheet plate and plastic sections. We have a large selection of doors, locks and accessories offer a complete machine guard solution tailored to your needs.

Smooth and easy handling, together with speedy delivery and assembly, always gives you a good overall economy when choosing Oracle's Axelent machine guards.

A machine guard that grows
X-Guard® was launched in 2008, since then new dimensions in panels, posts and accessories have been added. We listen to our customers to enable us to develop the range as new needs arise.

The flexibility of our system enables you to combine plastic, sheet metal and mesh according to your needs.

A new machine directive came into force on December 29, 2009: 2006/42/EC. The new directives have the following modifications:

• Machines defined as “non-independent machines” (2B machines) are now defined as “partly completed machinery”. The requirements for these machinery types have also been raised, e.g. a documented risk analysis must be carried out.

• In Appendix I, all examples of “should” have disappeared and the technical requirements have been expanded and clarified to a certain extent, e.g. ergonomic and control system requirements have been made more precise.

• Modified certification procedure for Appendix IV machinery.

1. Fixed guards
Machinery Directive annex 1 chapter Fixed guards must be fixed by systems that can be opened or removed only with tools. Their fixing systems must remain attached to the guards or to the machinery when the guards are removed. (Valid from 29/12/2009.) Where possible, guards must be incapable of remaining in place without their fixings.

2. Safety Distances
EN 953 chapter 5.2.2
Guards intended for preventing access to danger zones shall be designed, constructed and positioned to prevent parts of the body from reaching danger zones (see also EN ISO 13857).

3. Distances to impede free access
EN ISO 13857
A protective structure can be used to restrict the free movement of the lower limbs under protective structures.
When this method has to be used, distances are given in annex A in relation to the height to the protective structure.

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